Why Get It?

Bedding that is made just for you is the same as clothing that fits just right!  Having a bedskirt that is made to fit the width, length and height of your particular bed is like wearing a well made suit.  The duvet cover that is made to fit the insert perfectly is a real treat and you can count on us to make sure each item is made with care.  We can customize any item with banding, trim, mitred ribbon, anything you can dream up!  Custom bedding is a luxury that you can't truly appreciate until you have the pleasure of owning it.  We can manufacture duvet covers, bed skirts, coverlets, throws, euro shams, king shams, queen shams, standard shams, bolsters and lumbar pillows.  We also carry a full line of Eastern Accents that can be made to order just for you!  With so many options we can suit most any style and budget.

How is it made?

We always recommend having us measure for your bedding.  We take great care in ensuring every piece is made to fit your individual bed.  We cut each item by hand and each pattern is centred and matched where applicable.  When manufacturing duvet covers we insert tabs inside and on the insert so when you get it home it doesn't slide around with use.  Our bedskirts are all fully lined and every edge is carefully hand finished.  Our coverlets go through a rigorous multistep process ensuring they lay perfectly every time.  Our shams all come standard with zippers and inserts in either feather or microfibre.  

Shop your custom bedding at home

Please contact Staci over at Switch Studio if you need in home consultation!

Perfect Guarantee

Our mission is to provide perfect custom bedding every time. Our perfect guarantee ensures we get every step of the process right. Our team handles everything from measuring, manufacturing and installing to execute your order correctly the first time.