Welcome to our new online home! ~ Lindsay

Welcome to our new online home! ~ Lindsay

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Hey Laura (and everyone else!),

Welcome to our new online home and our brand new blog!!  I've worked so hard getting this ready and I'm so proud to share it with you!  

Here is a little bit about me and my life at present for those out there in the blogosphere (Laura, you already know WAY more than you’d like about me after sitting 6 feet away from me my entire pregnancy) but let’s get all those new folks up to speed! 

I’m Lindsay Woods and I own Q. Design Drapery & Design Resource Centre with my mom.  From a very young age she instilled a passion for working hard and a true love of what we call "touching the fabrics".  We never tire of finding ways to bring great quality to our clients and also feeling passionate about textiles and drapery in all of their forms.  Another great development is that both of my sisters have recently taken up residence on our staff which has been great since I gave birth to my THIRD baby 6 months ago and I love being home with him as much as I can! 

I have a phenomenal husband, Adam, a super neat-o daughter Quinn who is 7, a very smart and spiffy son, Henry who is 4 and I spend a lot of my time right now in the house, working on our business, setting up new contacts and playing with and feeding my newest human, Sebastian and that got me thinking!  Laura is sitting at her desk, surrounded by gorgeous cobistyle drapery and our new readymade lines and steps from the gorgeous showroom...

...that we built 2.5 years ago and only a hop skip and jump from our humming workroom...

...that is constantly churning our gorgeous drapery, bedding and softgoods for designers and homeowners in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown, Hamilton, Muskoka, Toronto – actually, can you get there by car?  We will make your drapes!!  So why not start a blog conversation?  You are a young, urban dweller with a great eye and a design education and I’m a young (almost! Come on!) suburbanite with 3 kids and an SUV, surely you can teach me a thing or two about how to make my house and windows more hip (am I dating myself?  Who says hip???) and I can tell you all about the ins and outs of running a booming drapery business while raising a young family and the trials and tribulations of covering up those windows so nobody can see the mess that a family can make inside!

You in??


I’m In!! ~Laura

I’m In!! ~Laura

KEYWORDS :: custom drapery, fabrics, style, passion, art, marsala, fashion, runway


Count me in!

Thanks for the kind introduction,  Lindsay!  I think you’ve left our readers wanting to know more about just how I’m going to help make you “hip” LOL,  give yourself some credit, girl!  Jokes aside, I’m more than happy to share my creative approach with you because I LOVE finding the beauty in just about everything!  I love seeing colours, patterns and textures jump from the runway into a home and vice versa. 

My style reinvents itself as the relationship between fashion and the home never fails to inspire me.  I get just as excited by the razzle-dazzle of a sequined trim as I do stark white Norwegian interior.  I like to think my style inclination is smart, sophisticated and maybe even a little bit edgy!  I grew up surrounded by nature in Beautiful British Columbia and a talented grandmother who inspired me with her whimsical watercolours.  Like Lindsay, my mother  has always been passionate about textiles, quilting and do-it-yourself projects so she has always been pivotal in teaching me to get inspired!   As an assistant to Lindsay and a consultant in the showroom,  Q. is a wonderful and inspirational place! I am continuously surrounded by beautiful fabrics and drapery and I can’t wait to share this and MORE with you from my perspective!

Lindsay, I’m excited to get this conversation going!