Brunch & Learns Are Back!!

Brunch & Learns Are Back!!

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We had such a great day in the showroom on Wednesday I just had to share.  Even Howie, our shop dog, got in on the fun!  We had our very first Brunch & Learn of 2015 and it was a huge success!  Every seat was filled with familiar faces and a few new designers and a few that were new to me.  It was also super exciting to give a presentation in front of our new ready made cases (see below in the photos).  We have been working so hard to get these custom ready made lines ready!  Stay tuned for details in my upcoming blog posts!

It was so energizing to have so many people eager to learn about drapery and social media in design that I wanted to make sure that everyone heard about it!  I had had very little sleep the night before due to a young lad that is teething so I was feeling a bit foggy at the outset and was worried by Drapery Linings ~ Everything You Need To Know & More seminar might be a bit dry but it was clear after we got the ball rolling that it was going to just be fun and relaxed and everyone was kind about saying I didn't flop!  You can see the presentation here if you missed it:

After I spoke I gave a quick tour for the new folks and showed them how all this gorgeous custom drapery gets made and how our process works.  It was great to see how many people were impressed by how we go about it as a one-stop-shop model that makes it easy for the trade to have smooth and successful drapery orders!  It's so reassuring to hear that our model is ideal for the trade time and again.  


Next up we had Wendy in the house from Juice Marketing Group talking about Social Media in the Design World and it was great to see the interest this topic generated.  There is so much to know and Wendy makes it all so clear and simple, just lovely!  Everyone was live tweeting and instagramming as we went along.  The momentum was so strong that Wendy had a webinar to do right after her talk for us and a few of the designers stayed and listened in on what she had to say about Instagram!  There was no stopping us! 


Here are a couple more photos from the day (excuse my mega serious lining face!), we hope you can join us next time!  Click here for the full Brunch & Learn schedule and RSVP today!  


Blinds at Q.

Blinds at Q.

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Hey Lindsay,

It’s been a bitterly cold and snowy week for us up here in Canada (typical) so you are not missing much! I think I can speak for everyone here at Q. Design by saying that we are envious of your fun in the sun! Bring some sun back with you please and thank you! Those roller screen shades look awesome with the help of your little assistant! What a great idea with unique functionality. I could totally see this kind of blind on a back yard pergola. Worth looking into!

The photo below is a little reminder of what you will be returning to in 1 week’s time. I’m also displaying a Hunter Douglas Screen Shade application. Notice how the blind cuts the glare while still giving you a nice view – it’s nothing like Mexico, I know!

You mentioned the blind manufacturers we sell in our showroom and when it comes to screen shades Graber, Maxxmar and Hunter Douglas will be the brands that meet our client requirements. The great thing about offering a multitude of suppliers at Q. Design is that we are able to find the perfect treatment for our clients taste and budget. When it comes to roller and screen shades, all of these brands have designer-inspired fabrics in a multitude of hues, patterns, and possibilities, including jacquards, stripes, and delicate woven textures!

We have been quoting lots of blinds this year already! It’s great to see that our clients are seeing the value in blinds. Not only do they add privacy, but they are very important when it comes to sun protection. All of our manufactures offer sheer fabrics are airy and translucent, light filtering fabric which provides a soft outline of the outdoors, room darkening fabric dims the room significantly and blackout fabric completely blocks light for ultimate privacy.

We have a fantastic In-home consultation process for homeowners which allows our Q. Designer, Crystal, to bring blinds samples to the home and match fabrics based on client suggestions and Crystal’s expert recommendations. Crystal is well versed in all of the blind options and is Hunter Douglas certified on their products. After her visit she provides a quote with great discounts and it's only approximately 2 weeks until the blinds are ready to be installed!

For our designer trade clients, we have a 24 hour blind book sign out policy which allows designers to take samples to their client’s homes and select window treatments accordingly, if you need help with the products Marilyn can meet you on site with your client to make the final selections or help deciding what the right options are for your clients windows.  While she is there she will measure for a perfect fit and note any special considerations (hold downs, cut outs, arches etc.) and this is all included in our check measure fee! To top it all off we also offer full installation to ensure the blinds are installed correctly and functioning properly!  

As you know, most of our clients find the full service the best choice to minimize the issues that arise in custom window treatments and we get great reviews from homeowners and designers alike!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


Working Vacation

Working Vacation

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Hi Laura!

Well, I've been in Mexico suffering the heat and sun for a week and it's AMAZING!  Of course, it was great to see my in-laws and have our airport Corona in the parking lot to celebrate our arrival and we have suffered a day of rain and many afternoon naps.  Also, you can't beat the lush green palm trees and the roar of the ocean but I won't torture with all of that given that you are in -20 degrees and snow!!  

Even though I'm on vacation, as a small business owner I'm always working and keeping my eye on things that are new and different in window treatments, blinds, drapery and bedding from what we have at home and my in-laws have acquired the coolest blind for their balcony since we were here last year.  

The videos are a tad blurry because of the internet connection here so my apologies but you get the idea!!

Here is a quick video of how it functions as a roller with hold downs:

Roller Shade Basic Function from Lindsay on Vimeo.

It's a basic roller style screen shade that is 10' by 9' and makes working on my laptop outside with a coffee a total pleasure.  Think blinding suffering sunburn last year and all working or computer use of any kind had to be done inside - yuck!  This blind isn't just a basic roller though.  It slides on a track so you can position it correctly to block the sun at different times of day!  Instead of purchasing 2 giant blinds you only have to buy one and move it where ever you need and still have 50% view while you work!

Here is the sliding function (thank you to my small assistant!):

Sliding Roller Shade from Lindsay on Vimeo

You can still see through it so I can see the mountains and clouds in the distance but I don't have to worry about the baby getting a sunburn while we eat lunch or take our afternoon coffee on the balcony.  Marilyn is going to do some research into whether we have anything like this at home.  It looks like the top of the blind has been modified to fit a CCS track of some kind.  Even though our summers are short this would be great for my back yard pergola which I've been dreaming of and would negate the need for topsy turvy umbrellas on stands and so forth.  It could be mounted on the under side and roll right up out of the way when not in use and taken of for storage in the winter.  Easy Peasy!  I'm sure condo by laws in Toronto would prevent having something like this but it would be a great thing if blinds like this were allowed!  

As you know we sell Hunter Douglas, Graber and Maxxmar blinds.  All three of these companies sell a version of the roller shade that's here.  It's a basic sheer weave in a basic colour with a valance flap, nothing terribly tricky.  The interesting part is that it slides on the track.  

A note though when it comes to supporting Canadian based businesses: Graber manufactures their blinds in Mexico which keeps the price point really low but makes servicing them an issue.  If something goes wrong or is made incorrectly a whole new one gets ordered which is time consuming and wasteful.  

Hunter Douglas products are manufactured in a combination of Canadian and American factories and can be service quite efficiently depending on the product type.  The price point is high on Hunter Douglas products because of their marketing, they have a great name in the industry but that cost money!

Maxxmar blinds are all manufacured in their Toronto factory and they have on site technicians that can problem solve and resolve issues on site!  A great bonus to us as we like things to go perfectly on the first try!  Also, 90% of their component parts come from Canada.  Bonus!  Their price point is amazing too, they offer great warrantees and have a comprehensive line of products.  We have been so happy with them since we started carrying them last year.

So given that any of these 3 companies can provide a product similar to this extremely practical balcony blind I'm going to go straight to Maxxmar first to figure out how we can get it to slide on the track and do this at home!  I'm always a big supporter of Canadian business that sources as much of it can from inside our borders because the quality is better, the service and better and our business stands by these principles.  

Hope you had a great week - keep warm!

~ Linds

I’m In!! ~Laura

I’m In!! ~Laura

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Count me in!

Thanks for the kind introduction,  Lindsay!  I think you’ve left our readers wanting to know more about just how I’m going to help make you “hip” LOL,  give yourself some credit, girl!  Jokes aside, I’m more than happy to share my creative approach with you because I LOVE finding the beauty in just about everything!  I love seeing colours, patterns and textures jump from the runway into a home and vice versa. 

My style reinvents itself as the relationship between fashion and the home never fails to inspire me.  I get just as excited by the razzle-dazzle of a sequined trim as I do stark white Norwegian interior.  I like to think my style inclination is smart, sophisticated and maybe even a little bit edgy!  I grew up surrounded by nature in Beautiful British Columbia and a talented grandmother who inspired me with her whimsical watercolours.  Like Lindsay, my mother  has always been passionate about textiles, quilting and do-it-yourself projects so she has always been pivotal in teaching me to get inspired!   As an assistant to Lindsay and a consultant in the showroom,  Q. is a wonderful and inspirational place! I am continuously surrounded by beautiful fabrics and drapery and I can’t wait to share this and MORE with you from my perspective!

Lindsay, I’m excited to get this conversation going!


Welcome to our new online home! ~ Lindsay

Welcome to our new online home! ~ Lindsay

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Hey Laura (and everyone else!),

Welcome to our new online home and our brand new blog!!  I've worked so hard getting this ready and I'm so proud to share it with you!  

Here is a little bit about me and my life at present for those out there in the blogosphere (Laura, you already know WAY more than you’d like about me after sitting 6 feet away from me my entire pregnancy) but let’s get all those new folks up to speed! 

I’m Lindsay Woods and I own Q. Design Drapery & Design Resource Centre with my mom.  From a very young age she instilled a passion for working hard and a true love of what we call "touching the fabrics".  We never tire of finding ways to bring great quality to our clients and also feeling passionate about textiles and drapery in all of their forms.  Another great development is that both of my sisters have recently taken up residence on our staff which has been great since I gave birth to my THIRD baby 6 months ago and I love being home with him as much as I can! 

I have a phenomenal husband, Adam, a super neat-o daughter Quinn who is 7, a very smart and spiffy son, Henry who is 4 and I spend a lot of my time right now in the house, working on our business, setting up new contacts and playing with and feeding my newest human, Sebastian and that got me thinking!  Laura is sitting at her desk, surrounded by gorgeous cobistyle drapery and our new readymade lines and steps from the gorgeous showroom...

...that we built 2.5 years ago and only a hop skip and jump from our humming workroom...

...that is constantly churning our gorgeous drapery, bedding and softgoods for designers and homeowners in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown, Hamilton, Muskoka, Toronto – actually, can you get there by car?  We will make your drapes!!  So why not start a blog conversation?  You are a young, urban dweller with a great eye and a design education and I’m a young (almost! Come on!) suburbanite with 3 kids and an SUV, surely you can teach me a thing or two about how to make my house and windows more hip (am I dating myself?  Who says hip???) and I can tell you all about the ins and outs of running a booming drapery business while raising a young family and the trials and tribulations of covering up those windows so nobody can see the mess that a family can make inside!

You in??