Pretty Little Benches

Pretty Little Benches

KEYWORDS :: cobistyle, upholstery, bench seat, window seat, toss pillows

Now available in our online shop, perfect bench seats!  You can't just go out and buy bench seats or perfect window seats and have them fit properly so we thought it might be nice to offer a fully customizable, perfectly fitting bench seat to our valued online clients!  They come standard at 3" thick with a dacron wrap but we can make any size you like if you need something more custom. Currently available in our House Linen which is durable enough to withstand a bit of wear and also comes in great colours.  You can select a contrast piping colour too which gives it a bit more custom finish!  If you need help measuring or figuring out what to order we are always happy to help walk you through it!  Just drop us a line!

go custom with cobi!

go custom with cobi!

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I know drapery can seem like a scary beast sometimes and we get all kinds of clients saying things like "I just don't know what to put on my windows so I've still got those paper blinds from Home Depot on them, HELP!" and that makes me feel sad because we can make drapery so simple.  If you are a designer that is new or never done drapery we are happy to educate you through our Brunch & Learns or if you are a homeowner we have a few levels of service that you can use including free Shop at Home or online shopping here (starting in June!) but every level of service includes our help to get exactly what you need to have gorgeous window treatments without it being complicated, time consuming or difficult.  

Our mission is to get every step of the process right and that includes adding custom details to our Q2 Perfect Panels to make them perfect for you.  It can be so easy to customize our cobistyle Perfect Panels.  The photo below is a perfect example of how we can meet any need with our cobistyle line.

The drapery panels in the photo are a stunning Telefina fabric that is an embroidered linen in a large medallion that is just to die for but because of the cost of the fabric for the panels, the sheers needed to be inexpensive AND still have great quality and texture and that's where cobistyle Dickens panel came in:

Shown here from our cobistyle collection as a single tunnel top panel we can make it into any size, style, valance, roman shade ~ anything really to suit your space!

In the case of the sheers in the dining room we used the Dickens sheer off the bolt and made it into sheers that were 2 Fold Pinch Pleated and 10 feet wide to suit the window.  So simple for us to do this as we are manufacturing each order as it is placed so you can have it exactly how you want it!  The cost on the sheers as shown in the dining room is $675 - a great price for custom sheers to fit a 10 foot wide window!!!  The sheer itself provides privacy and light filtration and is a soft white colour which suits a variety of esthetics.  

You can also add custom details to make them your own.  Shown below with an Inverted Pleat and and a gross grain ribbon added, the Dickens sheer becomes a bit more sophisticated and tailored.  The cost is a bit higher for this labour intensive add on and also there is a cost for the ribbon itself but for the end product it's totally worth it and the colours of ribbon available are endless!


We've also made Dickens into a soft roman shade with a small valance flap and it's just stunning!  Soft and relaxed and just perfect for those windows that need a little pretty but not a lot of light blockage or lengthening with drapery...

The possibilities are endless and we would love to hear from you in the studio in Mississauga or in our email today about what you need to finally cover those windows with beautiful custom drapery.  We are happy to come out to your home and help you shop in your space too!  Hope to hear from you soon!

~ Lindsay

cobistyle Drapery + Collection - Get Some Colour In Your Life!

cobistyle Drapery + Collection - Get Some Colour In Your Life!

KEYWORDS :: window treatments, curtains, custom drapery, cobistyle, cobi ladner, made to order drapery, pattern, colour

We try to have something special to offer everyone in the market for great quality custom drapery curtain panels.  We have talked about our House Linen, 100% Linen and 100% Silk Collections and they are all stunning in any room but our cobistyle Drapery + Collection really rounds out our line with colour and pattern.  All of the fabrics are curated by Cobi Ladner and she has chosen each pattern and palette to suit the maximum amount of spaces while bringing colour and pattern to your space through window treatments.  Cobi is always looking for way to brighten up decor and make everyday living more colourful.  Her Collection Of Beautiful Ideas (COBI) inspires and we are proud to distribute her line of drapery.  Each drapery curtain panel has it's own niche and our top sellers have been as follows:



Such a lovely use of blue and white with navy snuck in too.  This one is a top seller starting at $194 per panel and was featured in House and Home Magazine when we first launched.  We just sold an order to Conneticut and another one to Prince Edward Island!



This classic white linen sheer is so versatile that it pairs with any of the patterned drapery or looks stunning just on it's own and you can't beat the price point of $135 per panel up to 102" Long!



This vintage inspired floral suits a wide variety of spaces with it's greens and pinks and such a soft woven based cloth it really is a great buy starting at $257 per drapery panel and each panel is made to match perfectly to it's pair!  



Another beautiful multicolour floral that suits a variet of spaces.  We've made this one into valances and romans too!  Starting at $248 per drapery curtain panel it is amazing value for premium quality!


We truly are inspired by our cobistyle Drapery + collection.  You can view the full line here or come into the showroom to see it up close!  You can shop it online in our Etsy shop or online in our store {coming soon!}.