Why choose the best?

Why choose the best?

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We surprise ourselves here sometimes.  Making beautiful custom drapery and roman shades, toss pillows and valances is what we do best.  We do it perfectly every day.  This morning was no exception except that when Marilyn came into my office and I remarked how lovely my close friends new home (at the drywalling stage) is going to be she said "I saw the photo of the great room coffered ceiling on Katie's instagram and the first thing I noticed was a lack of space for the drapery hardware they selected" - in other words "we have a problem"!  

Katie Campbell Interiors is doing the design work there and I immediately called her to let her know we foresaw an issue with the amount of space to mount the hardware she had carefully selected long ago when the house was still in the plans stage.  You see, drapery is the last thing that happens in a custom build (or any home really) and so there have been so many other stages in the process that can hinder the drapery part.  So while other drapery workrooms might not be on instagram, or they are on there but lack the experience to know that this photo wasn't just a lovely shot of a work in progress but it was a sign we needed to make sure the next step (adding trim) was done in such a way that it will allow the drapery that has been spec'd to go in!

What do you see when you look at this photo?  

As experts in custom drapery, the first thing that we see is a small amount of space between the window and the bulkhead.  Once the trim goes in that means the drapery will have to mount on a channel track under the bulkhead flush.  Totally doable but if they add a crown or other detail we could end up in a situation that would mean redesigning the drapery for this space - not ideal.  These high ceilings and large spaces need vertical fabric to create warmth and texture.  The hard surfaces of flooring and tile need the fabric to absorb the echo.  Our job is to work with the builder via the interior designer to ensure the drapery can still happen the way the design requires.    

This was a lucky save on a cold December morning.  It's part of the service we offer and it's why we are a bit pricier than other places.  We have a lot of experience.  We take our time and get it right.  We watch out for our designer clients to make sure their design can become a reality.  We have a passion for perfect drapery.  We love what we do and we are doing it even when we are scrolling our Instagram!

Blinds at Q.

Blinds at Q.

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Hey Lindsay,

It’s been a bitterly cold and snowy week for us up here in Canada (typical) so you are not missing much! I think I can speak for everyone here at Q. Design by saying that we are envious of your fun in the sun! Bring some sun back with you please and thank you! Those roller screen shades look awesome with the help of your little assistant! What a great idea with unique functionality. I could totally see this kind of blind on a back yard pergola. Worth looking into!

The photo below is a little reminder of what you will be returning to in 1 week’s time. I’m also displaying a Hunter Douglas Screen Shade application. Notice how the blind cuts the glare while still giving you a nice view – it’s nothing like Mexico, I know!

You mentioned the blind manufacturers we sell in our showroom and when it comes to screen shades Graber, Maxxmar and Hunter Douglas will be the brands that meet our client requirements. The great thing about offering a multitude of suppliers at Q. Design is that we are able to find the perfect treatment for our clients taste and budget. When it comes to roller and screen shades, all of these brands have designer-inspired fabrics in a multitude of hues, patterns, and possibilities, including jacquards, stripes, and delicate woven textures!

We have been quoting lots of blinds this year already! It’s great to see that our clients are seeing the value in blinds. Not only do they add privacy, but they are very important when it comes to sun protection. All of our manufactures offer sheer fabrics are airy and translucent, light filtering fabric which provides a soft outline of the outdoors, room darkening fabric dims the room significantly and blackout fabric completely blocks light for ultimate privacy.

We have a fantastic In-home consultation process for homeowners which allows our Q. Designer, Crystal, to bring blinds samples to the home and match fabrics based on client suggestions and Crystal’s expert recommendations. Crystal is well versed in all of the blind options and is Hunter Douglas certified on their products. After her visit she provides a quote with great discounts and it's only approximately 2 weeks until the blinds are ready to be installed!

For our designer trade clients, we have a 24 hour blind book sign out policy which allows designers to take samples to their client’s homes and select window treatments accordingly, if you need help with the products Marilyn can meet you on site with your client to make the final selections or help deciding what the right options are for your clients windows.  While she is there she will measure for a perfect fit and note any special considerations (hold downs, cut outs, arches etc.) and this is all included in our check measure fee! To top it all off we also offer full installation to ensure the blinds are installed correctly and functioning properly!  

As you know, most of our clients find the full service the best choice to minimize the issues that arise in custom window treatments and we get great reviews from homeowners and designers alike!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!