Monika Hibbs Nursery Reveal!

Monika Hibbs Nursery Reveal!

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It's a big week over here at Q. Design with Monika Hibbs' nursery reveal up on glitterguide.com and oilostudio.com!  We started working with Monika Hibbs back in October when she was ready to add perfect custom drapery to her gorgeous new home and it's been such a great experience for us.  Monika is a pleasure to work with, she knows how important great drapery is and she understands that each space is unique and requires bespoke details which our very customizable online drapery collections offer.  When it came time to design the nursery drapery Monika knew she needed blackout for her new baby to get the best sleep possible and so we suggested our House Linen in Winter as you can line it with the 100% blackout product we use and it still looks amazing.  Because the nursery has fabulous wallpaper from anewall the drapery needed to have pretty details but not be the focal point and so we added a double row of ribbon just below the top tack pleats and down the leading edges in a soft pink.  Just stunning don't you think??

The simple pleat style and soft pink ribbon are just right and the satin brass hardware from our online shop finishes it perfectly, just the way we like it!  

You can find all the drapery details here and we've added a soft blue and soft grey ribbon option as well so there is something for everyone!  If you need help figuring out how to measure, what size you need or which hardware items to order we are happy to walk you through that as well!  Drop us a line here!  Perfect custom drapery is what we love and we look forward to working with you!  

How Long Should Your Drapes Be?

How Long Should Your Drapes Be?

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We get asked all the time how long drapery should be and the answer is really a personal one!  

Here's a quick break down of the options and things to be mindful of:


Drapery should never be shorter than 1/2" off the floor otherwise it looks like it wasn't made correctly much like pants that are too short!  Clearing the floor is a safe bet for homes that have young children and pets (like mine!).  By having the drapery off of the floor you maintain the cleanliness of the bottom hem and it works well for drapery that is open and closed often.  


Kissing the floor is our most popular ordered length and the hardest to get just right!  When the drapery is kissing the floor it is just meeting the floor surface without creating any folds in the fabric.  A light smooch if you will!


This is when the fabric is on the floor 1/2" to 1" and breaks like the hem of a pant on a shoe.  We see this ordered very frequently.  This creates a soft and luxurious look and also helps to anchor the folds of the pleats.  It's great for fabrics that are susceptible to stretching and shrinking in humidity like linen as it masks the length variance.  It's also great for homes where the floors are not entirely level.  It can mask a multitude of sins!


When a drape is resting on the floor the fabric sits 2"-3" on the floor.  A bit more added luxury than the break and gives an even greater amount of fabric to anchor the shape of the pleats.  We love to see the fabric bend at the floor and be dress so it looks tidy yet relaxed.  We joke that drapery that is resting is more a french kiss (wink wink).


A much more traditional choice is when a drape puddles on the floor.  This puddling is standard 8" on the floor but applies to anything 5" or longer.  A true puddle allows you to turn the hem of the drape under and create a pool of fabric at the base of your treatment.  


The best way to get the exact finish at the floor you want is to have your drapes made custom and with our workroom we work within an eighth of an inch accuracy so it's a perfect finish every time!  We offer shop at home service to homeowners in Southern Ontario and we ship our online product all over North America!  We are always happy to help walk you through the process of getting perfect drapery so please contact us today!

Shop At Home for Custom Drapery

Shop At Home for Custom Drapery

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New Year = Fresh Start!  Update your home with custom drapery with Q. Design's Shop At Home service!  We bring our showroom to your door for selecting your fabrics and high quality hardware for your perfect window treatments in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, Etobicoke, Vaughan and Woodbridge.  We have a wide range of fabric and hardware along with blinds and shades to suit any budget or space.  We pride ourselves on helping you fit your style and colour scheme or if you need more help we can support you in selecting paint colours and other items as they coordinate with our perfect drapery.  We can also make custom bedding, valances and we offer upholstery and reupholstery if you need it!  Our pricing is exactly the same as other workrooms in the area like National Drapery.  If you have a quote from National Drapery we will match it and our quality is second to none!  Our previous clients have given us great reviews on Homestars and Houzz and are always impressed that we exceed their expections.  Our drapery and curtains are the best available in the greater Toronto area.  We hope you shop with us today!  We look forward to providing you with the best custom drapery and curtains, high quality blinds and shades, even motorized!  As well as great toss cushions, upholstery and reupholstery, custom valances and custom bedding!  Call us at 905-607-1040 to schedule your free shop at home appointment today or email us if you prefer!

go custom with cobi!

go custom with cobi!

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I know drapery can seem like a scary beast sometimes and we get all kinds of clients saying things like "I just don't know what to put on my windows so I've still got those paper blinds from Home Depot on them, HELP!" and that makes me feel sad because we can make drapery so simple.  If you are a designer that is new or never done drapery we are happy to educate you through our Brunch & Learns or if you are a homeowner we have a few levels of service that you can use including free Shop at Home or online shopping here (starting in June!) but every level of service includes our help to get exactly what you need to have gorgeous window treatments without it being complicated, time consuming or difficult.  

Our mission is to get every step of the process right and that includes adding custom details to our Q2 Perfect Panels to make them perfect for you.  It can be so easy to customize our cobistyle Perfect Panels.  The photo below is a perfect example of how we can meet any need with our cobistyle line.

The drapery panels in the photo are a stunning Telefina fabric that is an embroidered linen in a large medallion that is just to die for but because of the cost of the fabric for the panels, the sheers needed to be inexpensive AND still have great quality and texture and that's where cobistyle Dickens panel came in:

Shown here from our cobistyle collection as a single tunnel top panel we can make it into any size, style, valance, roman shade ~ anything really to suit your space!

In the case of the sheers in the dining room we used the Dickens sheer off the bolt and made it into sheers that were 2 Fold Pinch Pleated and 10 feet wide to suit the window.  So simple for us to do this as we are manufacturing each order as it is placed so you can have it exactly how you want it!  The cost on the sheers as shown in the dining room is $675 - a great price for custom sheers to fit a 10 foot wide window!!!  The sheer itself provides privacy and light filtration and is a soft white colour which suits a variety of esthetics.  

You can also add custom details to make them your own.  Shown below with an Inverted Pleat and and a gross grain ribbon added, the Dickens sheer becomes a bit more sophisticated and tailored.  The cost is a bit higher for this labour intensive add on and also there is a cost for the ribbon itself but for the end product it's totally worth it and the colours of ribbon available are endless!


We've also made Dickens into a soft roman shade with a small valance flap and it's just stunning!  Soft and relaxed and just perfect for those windows that need a little pretty but not a lot of light blockage or lengthening with drapery...

The possibilities are endless and we would love to hear from you in the studio in Mississauga or in our email today about what you need to finally cover those windows with beautiful custom drapery.  We are happy to come out to your home and help you shop in your space too!  Hope to hear from you soon!

~ Lindsay

The Evolution of Our Q. Perfect Panels

The Evolution of Our Q. Perfect Panels

KEYWORDS :: custom drapery workroom, ready made drapery, window treatments, curtains, mississauga, custom drapery, style

Our online drapery products are evolving.  We have been over and over how we want to bring our perfect custom drapery to the entire world (big goals!) and how to go about letting every level of buyer know what is available to them.  My previous post went into great detail about what we offer to our trade clients and I'm busy collecting testimonials from them about how they see our service which is so exciting.  It's come to my attention though that our every day homeowner isn't aware of how we can help them.  We have such a great custom drapery service and have been around for over 15 years (even though my mom has been at it for 30+) so I'm always surprised when people arrive in the studio and say "Did you guys just open?" or "I didn't even know you were here!" - yikes!  

Nonetheless, we had 2 walk-in clients last week purchase from our Q2 (as in Q "squared") Perfect Panels ~ Quick Quality Custom Drapery by Q. Design.  That's the full handle for this NOT ready made drapery product.  This is the first time we've called it that in the internet world as this product has been evolving with us over the past 6 months as we've developed it.  It is truly custom and while the public may want to call it a "ready made", it's not ready made, we make each custom drapery order as it is placed, by hand, just for you!  It can be the perfect colour, size, style for you and you can add anything you like or add cushions, valances, bench seats, anything really to coordinate!  The price point is competative with ready mades you can buy from China and India so that's super neat but the quality is really top knotch!

Order your today by emailing Q2@qdesigncentre.com or visit our Etsy shop...or shop it here {coming soon!!}

Show & Share - Georgian College Design Expo

Show & Share - Georgian College Design Expo

KEYWORDS :: custom drapery workroom, ready made drapery, window treatments, custom drapery, style, working mom, decorators, designers, design expo, student, georgian college, trade show

As a small business owner my goal for 2015 was to say "YES" to things that I find scary or out of my comfort zone.  Sounds simple enough right?  Sure, easy for you to say!

Since January 1 I've really tried to open my mind to grow our business and it's working!  When Mary Dobson (or as she is known on social media marythecurtainlady) messaged me through Twitter to ask if we would be interested in having a booth at the Georgian College Design Expo my first inclination was to say "No thank you very much" because Marilyn was going on vacation at that time, we didn't have a trade show display/sign/thingies and well, to be honest, networking scares me!!  But I remembered my committment to saying "YES" and I could hear Wendy from Juice Marketing whispering "doooo iiiiitttt" and I did it, I said "YES!".  

So that lead to a month of frantically and carefully planning and plotting what to bring, how to pack it all and how to get everyone to our booth!  Thank goodness Laura is amazing and is also good at saying "YES" because she did so much to make it easy for us to attend and totally impress at the show.  We designed and ordered a roll up sign so the attendees would know who we are and what we do and the folks at Logo Print were amazing and fast and professional.  We built a drapery panel display from scratch to showcase our Perfect Panels custom made to order drapery curtain panels which turned out so much better than I imagined thanks to Crystal being so efficient with the staple gun and covering it in record time.  I made a couple of aprons advertising our draw for free drapes and we packed up all of our Etsy toss cushions and away we went.  As a last minute change of plans I ended up with my youngest son, Sebastian, along (because what is life without a curve ball or two?) so I had to whip him up a custom onesie as well and off we went!   

We met up with lovely students from the Design Program and they were so helpfull getting us set up, helping with the baby and taking it all down when it was over so a great big thank you to them!!  We met up with some long lost sales reps that have moved north and also some new designers and decorators from the Collingwood area that were excited to have found us!  There were also several homeowners who were excited to hear about our Shop At Home service and that we would travel to Barrie, Holland Landing, Bradford, Muskoka or Collingwood.  More often than not people were delighted to hear that we could provide fast and efficent custom curtains, pillows and bedding and ship anywhere in Canada for free!  

Overall, I'm ecstatic I said "YES" and that it all worked out so well.  Next time someone asks us to do up a booth we are ready!!  If you know anywhere that is looking for a drapery speaker or set up we are the folks they need!  Thank you to our staff, extra thanks to Laura and a big thanks to Georgian College Design Expo for having us!  We can't wait to go back next year!!!  

100% Silk Collection - Ready Made Drapery Made Just For You!

100% Silk Collection - Ready Made Drapery Made Just For You!

KEYWORDS :: custom drapery workroom, ready made drapery, window treatments, curtains, mississauga, custom drapery, style, drapery linings, pottery barn, restoration hardware

If you've been following along as we roll out our new ready made lines, thank you!!  Here is a good look at our new 100% Silk Collection of ready made drapery curtain panels.  

Why Get 100% Silk Drapery Ready Mades?

These panels are made from the best of the best when it comes to ready made goods available and they come with our standard Q excellent quality so you can be sure to be amazed at how lovely they hang!

Our 100% Silk Collection offers 60 stunning colours of silk (see above).  Each panel is handmade in Canada in our workroom in Mississauga, Ontario (right on the border of Oakville).  Each panel is fully customizable and comes with 100% cotton lining and interlining or soft blackout lining and interlining.  What is interlining you ask?  Interlining is a layer of cotton flannel like material that is placed between the face fabric and the lining to protect the face fabric from the sun and also in the case of silk to give the panel weight and depth of colour to the sheen of the silk.  We never compromise and want each of our panels to be perfect so we insist silk be interlined each and every time for the perfect finish our clients have come to expect from us.  

The 100% Silk Perfect Panels start at $282 per perfect width.  

Like all of our Perfect Panels they are fully customizable, choose your heading pleat style, choose your lining and choose your length and width.  We want them to fit and hang perfectly and this price point is less that what you would pay for Restoration Hardware panels in their same category.  Trust me, these won't disappoint!  They ship in under 3 weeks or are ready for pick up if you live in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, Vaughan etc.  You can find them in our Etsy shop and soon you will be able to find them right here in our online store which is in the works!  Stay tuned!!

100% Linen Custom Drapery in a Ready Made Format - VOILA!

100% Linen Custom Drapery in a Ready Made Format - VOILA!

KEYWORDS :: custom drapery workroom, ready made drapery, window treatments, curtains, mississauga, oakville, custom drapery, style, toronto, pottery barn, restoration hardware, canadian, linen drapery, linen, linen curtains

Last week we covered how great our new ready made Perfect Panels are doing and how they are miraculously solving window covering issues everywhere and it's pretty great the feedback we are still getting!  This week I want to show you our 100% Linen Collection.  This collection is just the bees knees!  Sometimes a room needs a natural element to soften the hard edges of our finishes, hardwood, tile etc.  Human made fibers have their place too but the depth of colour you get and the natural look and feel when using natural products in custom drapery is a pretty special thing.  We are so happy to have both linen and silk (stay tuned next week!) offerings in our new Perfect Panels custom drapery ready mades.  If you love linen and are on a budget, these panels are for you!  No need to sacrifice quality for price point.  Don't shop Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn or Ikea when you can have these Perfect Panels at such a reasonable price!

100% Linen Collection

Our 100% Linen Collection offers 42 lovely colours to fit any colour scheme (see above).  There are even some bright colours for kids rooms!  The linen we use has a medium weight and has that trademark linen "lived in" look.  These panels bring a rustic and natural element to your space and won't ever look perfectly wrinkle free so if you can't live with a few wrinkles try the House Linen Collection!  The beauty of linen is that it adds a texture and is versatile and extremely durable and can withstand strong sun exposure. These 100% Linen Perfect Panels are fully customizable and ready in 2 weeks!  They come with 100% cotton lining and you choose your pleat style, length and widths.  So easy! They start at $204 per width.  You can customize these panels further and add banding details for $15 per band per width.  Custom drapery with our great quality doesn't have to cost a fortune!  Stay with me next week as we ooooh and aaaah over our 100% silk collection!

I’m In!! ~Laura

I’m In!! ~Laura

KEYWORDS :: custom drapery, style, art, marsala, fashion, passion, fabrics, runway


Count me in!

Thanks for the kind introduction,  Lindsay!  I think you’ve left our readers wanting to know more about just how I’m going to help make you “hip” LOL,  give yourself some credit, girl!  Jokes aside, I’m more than happy to share my creative approach with you because I LOVE finding the beauty in just about everything!  I love seeing colours, patterns and textures jump from the runway into a home and vice versa. 

My style reinvents itself as the relationship between fashion and the home never fails to inspire me.  I get just as excited by the razzle-dazzle of a sequined trim as I do stark white Norwegian interior.  I like to think my style inclination is smart, sophisticated and maybe even a little bit edgy!  I grew up surrounded by nature in Beautiful British Columbia and a talented grandmother who inspired me with her whimsical watercolours.  Like Lindsay, my mother  has always been passionate about textiles, quilting and do-it-yourself projects so she has always been pivotal in teaching me to get inspired!   As an assistant to Lindsay and a consultant in the showroom,  Q. is a wonderful and inspirational place! I am continuously surrounded by beautiful fabrics and drapery and I can’t wait to share this and MORE with you from my perspective!

Lindsay, I’m excited to get this conversation going!