Cobistyle drapery + collection at Q!


"Thank you for choosing cobistyle! When I started my company, I made a promise that I would never add to the marketplace more of the same. I believe your home should reflect your own unique character and make you happy. In order to do that you need exciting choices that you can fall in love with! 

Q. Design has allowed me to take my ideas and translate them into fabulous drapery that will make your rooms beautiful and stand the test of time. I'm very proud of every piece in this line and hope you enjoy living with it every day." ~ Cobi

Perfect Guarantee

Our mission is to provide perfect readymade cobistyle drapery every time. Our perfect guarantee ensures we get every step of the process right. Our cobistyle Drapery + collection is no exception.  From start to finish our cobistyle readymades are manufactured to be perfect every time and they ship anywhere in Canada or the United States in 2 weeks!

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