Drapery Panels

Why Get Them?

Drapery panels and sheers are the most popular window treatments at Q. and it's not surprising because they add vertical texture and beauty along with providing privacy, room darkening and a real addition of pattern or colour!  Having custom drapery made for your home warms up the space and provides the highest R-rating for energy efficiency.  Custom curtain panels are the right choice especially if your home is full of hard surfaces.  So many new homes are full of hardwood flooring, tile and marble or granite countertops and without the addition of fabrics on the windows the home can feel cold and echo sound - you may not even realize it!  One of the first comments we get on installation day is "I can't believe how much more warm and welcoming this room feels!!"  Custom drapery panels are absolutely a worthwhile investment.  They need to be made with quality fabric and lined with professionally treated linings to protect your fabric, furniture and flooring from sun damage.  At Q. we never compromise and can help you decide if custom drapery panels are the right choice for your windows.

How Is It Made?

At Q. we get every step of manufacturing drapery panels right!  Before the fabric is taken from the shelf Marilyn reviews the order to ensure each detail is accounted for.  We strive to make sure each order is perfect!  Each panel is individually precision cut by hand.  After they are cut, each panel and its lining are given industry standard double turned hems and are then assembled and measured every 6" across the width to achieve an accurate finished length.  This process ensures accuracy and a perfect finish at the floor and an even hang.  The side hems are double turned 1.5" to prevent lining from peeking out and then later they are finished by hand after drapery weights are added to give a clean leading edge line.  Each panel has heavy weight heading tape sewn on and is then double turned by hand and marked for its custom pleats or heading style.  We offer a wide variety of pleat and heading styles: Pinch Pleat (French Pleat), 2 Fold Pinch Pleat, Top Tack Pleat, Triple Top Tack Pleat, Inverted Pleat, Cartridge Pleat, Knife Pleat, Grommet, Ripplefold or S-Fold, Back Tabs, Tunnel Top and many other custom options.  Our panels are then hooked by hand and measured to ensure they have reached our within 1/8" accuracy before they make their way into our reuseable environmentally friendly gown bags awaiting installation!   

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Perfect Guarantee

Our mission is to provide perfect custom drapery panels every time. Our perfect guarantee ensures we get every step of the process right. Our team handles everything from measuring, manufacturing and installing to execute your order correctly the first time.