Roman Shades

Why Get Them?

Roman shades provide an inside mount option for windows that may have some reason the treatment cannot go to the floor.  They provide a clean, tailored way to block out light and view when closed but can be pulled open to allow for full view through as well.  Roman shades are often selected in kitchens, bathrooms or high traffic areas where the wear and tear on panels simply might not be practical.  They are cord operated and require a bit of TLC to open and close but overall give a clean line that doesn't obscure specialty window trims but can also be outside mounted when required.  Roman shades come in a variety of styles: flat roman, soft roman, relaxed roman and waterfall roman.  

How Is It Made?

After a full review of the space, Marilyn ensures she has each detail correct for the shades.  Each roman shade is individually cut along with its lining.  Standard lining is dimout but can be made to suit the room with either voile, cotton or blackout lining.  After the fabric and lining are cut to their precise width and length they are assembled with 1" double turned side hems.  The bottom is hemmed according to industry standard and its style.  After the sides and hems are sewn in and squared the placement for the rings is hand marked.  After the shade is marked the rings are individually sewn on by hand with colour matched thread.  The piping and velcro is sewn to the top and the custom mounting board and weight bar are affixed.  All open edges are hand sewn closed and the cords are braided by hand before packaging to await installation!

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