Specialty Treatments

Why Get Them?

If you have moved into a home with some stunning custom design build details you likely have at least one tricky window to treat.  Builders love to challenge window coverings professionals with arches and angles and windows that extend 2 stories high and we are up for the challenge!  If you require room darkening in a room with an arch window you need a custom specialty window treatment and we can help!  If you have a 20 foot high window, you need our help and we are ready!  We always recommend sending through a photo of your window so we can strategize the best treatment options based on your needs for privacy, light blockage and style.  These windows can be costly to treat but are worth every penny when you see the end result!

How Is It Made?

These specialty custom drapery treatments are the most intricate we manufacture.  They are made on a one by one basis and we take the time and effort required to ensure they combine style and function every time.  All of our processes are applied to the individual custom treatment and they often far exceed industry standards.  If you want to know more about how your particular treatment will be made we are more than happy to fill you in on the process!  Just ask!

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Perfect Guarantee

Our mission is to provide perfect custom specialty window treatments every time. Our perfect guarantee ensures we get every step of the process right. Our team handles everything from measuring, manufacturing and installing to execute your order correctly the first time.