Why Get Them?

Valances are a decorative finish to the top of a window and can be mounted inside the trim or more commonly they are outside mounted.  Often valances are use to add colour and texture to a room without blocking light or view through of your windows.  They are often used over hard blinds or roman shades but can also be used over panels in place of decorative hardware and are commonly seen in bay windows.  We offer several styles of valances: Tailored, Box Pleat, Mock Roman, Faux Roman, Kingston, Swags and Jabots and many more.

How Is It Made?

Each style of valance has its own method but the basics are clear.  Fabrics and linings are cut with accuracy to ensure a perfect finish.  The linings are affixed to the fabric and sewn in and then the valance is tabled for length.  The sides are finished with either a 1/2" seam allowance and turned or with a double turned 1" side hem.  All bottoms are hand sewn where required and a wire is inserted in instances where the valance is required to return to the wall, this allows the fabric to turn the corner with a clean line.  Mock and Faux roman valances that have returns have a custom built frame to ensure a taught finish.  Each valance comes with its mounting hardware, either a lining covered mounting board or velcro track cut to fit.  

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Perfect Guarantee

Our mission is to provide perfect custom valances every time. Our perfect guarantee ensures we get every step of the process right. Our team handles everything from measuring, manufacturing and installing to execute your order correctly the first time.