Keep Your Down/Feather Pillow Happy!

I received this really great card in the mail from our favourite bedding provider Eastern Accents entitled “KEEP YOUR DOWN PILLOW HAPPY!”.  It was a great way to inform folks about how to care for their feather filled cushions.  It says quite simply the following:

“Your down filled pillow will naturally lose its loftiness unless it receives a daily fluff.  It might also deflate if kept in a room with high humidity.  To remove moisture, put your pillow in the dryer for a few minutes with a couple of clean tennis balls and a fabric softener sheet for extra fluff and a fresh smell.”

What great advice!  Just had to share.


Here at Q. we include a feather or microgel hypoallergenic form in each of our beautifully made custom toss cushions and now we have the tools to let our clients know how to keep them fresh and lofty!  The cushions above are made from the fabrics in our new Cobi line of drapery panels…exciting!!!