Laura Stein

We love working with Q. Design.  They are professional, organized, always friendly, and wonderfully easy to work with.  They take care of the entire process from check measure through installation and are truly experts in their field.  They collaborate on new and innovative ideas, provide expertise and guidance where needed, and always follow through to address any concerns.  Most importantly, they make our clients happy.  Their meticulous attention to detail shines through on everything they do.  From drapery to pillows to bedding, their work for us has been consistently beautiful.”

Elizabeth Metcalfe
“When it come to residential design, I always tell my clients how important drapery treatments really are.  They are the finishing design element in a room that makes the room complete, adding that vertical texture which brings luxury to any room.  My company has been working with Q. Design for over 10 years and they have always provided my clients with the highest quality of custom draperies.  Their attention to detail and amazing staff is what put Q. Design above the rest.  I can always trust Q. Design with my drapery designs and know that they will be executed with precision and care.  The team behind Q. Design is so knowledgeable and very professional – I would highly recommend Q. Design as a designers”go-to’ for any custom drapery!”


Trish Johnston

“Q. Design has been the Principle Sewing Room for the past four Welcome Home Sweepstakes Princess Margaret Lottery Houses – and believe me – we could not have finished the projects without them!  Their professionalism, attention to detail, superior workmanship and quick turn around is second to none.  Lindsay and Marilyn are a joy to work with – and both take such pride and care with any project they are involved in – they are definitely my “go-to” girls.”


Lischkoff Design Planning

“Q. Design has, for years, provided to our clients quality sewing that never fails to impress.  Furthermore, Q. Design is able to rise to all the challenges, intricacies and pressures of detailed and exacting design projects.  They are one of the few trades I use who I know will deliver exactly what I want – everytime.”


Hettel Nana Design Consulting

“As a designer in this industry we make every effort to ensure that our clients get the highest quality end result.  For me, some of the most important aspects of any project are, paying attention to the details, putting in the time and effort during the planning stages, and being able to adapt to changes at the last minute.  For the past 8 years, Q. Design has helped me do just that.  They’ve created stunning, well-constructed draperies and accessories of the highest quality.  If I dream it up, they will make it.  I wouldn’t trust any other workroom to give my clients the type of service that they do.  They take the same pride in their work, regardless of the size, scale and budget of the project.  Q. Design is run by some of the most pleasant, reasonable people that I get to work with in this industry, and for me that is one of the most important things.  Thank you for your amazing service and congratulations on your continuing growth and progress.”


Zed Decor Inc.

“I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on the large project in Caledon!  The detailed workmanship and the professional installation performed by yourself and your team is a rare find!  My client is extremely happy with every detail and as you know, a happy client is the best kind. It was a pleasure working with you and meeting your daughters as well.  I would gladly use your services again and have no qualms about referring Q Design to others.  You have a very nice family business which I am sure will always prosper with your vision and family support.”