Our Lovely Satin Brass 1" Metal hardware is a professional designer grade quality metal hardware system and is made to suit almost any window configuration.  It can be easily cut to fit exactly using a pipe cutter or hacksaw so there is no fiddling around with telescopic rods that never work quite right!  We are happy to cut the rods down for you before we ship if you prefer, just drop us a line!

The poles are thick gauge metal to hold the weight of our drapery.  

The rods come the full length as listed and can be easily cut down with a hacksaw or pipe cutter - they are NOT telescopic in any way as they are a professional quality!  If you want them cut before we ship, just let us know!

We recommend using a centre support for treatments over 72" wide or those made with heavier fabrics and lining.  The maximum recommended width for this diameter is 100"

The rings are silent rings so they easily slide along the rod to ensure easy and quiet operation for functional drapery.  You require 8 rings per width of drapery in our lines.

If you need help figuring out what you need or where to mount it please email us and we are more than happy to help walk you through it!

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