Workroom Standards

 I presume every workroom has standards.  We haven’t paid much attention to what the “other guy” is up to in this area other than to ensure we are exceeding it.  There are several things our team does in the course of production to ensure the quality of our end product meets and exceeds our clients expectations.  Let me run through a few here today:

1)  We work within a 1/8″ accuracy.  Meaning that when we are shipping goods our staff know that there is only 1/8″ tolerance for variation.  If something is specified to be 100″ long, it will only ship if it is between 99.875″ and 100.125″.  If it is outside of this tolerance it is fixed before it leaves us.

2)  There are always areas to improve upon so we have, over time, devised a system that works for us.  We use a single pink production sheet for each item on a purchase order that is assigned and filled out by Marilyn or myself that travels with the item through the workroom until it is complete.  This sheet communicates all the pertinent information on it to our staff.  We have found that this system far surpasses others we have tried.

3)  Each of our staff is trained in their specific area, we have 2 sewers, 1 cutter and 2 assembler/finishers.  Each person knowing and excelling in their role prevents confusion and also increases their expertise in their area.  It also ensures efficiency.

4)  Sometimes panels are hung overnight to make sure that the “stretch” of the fabric is accommodated for before we begin “tabling” them for length.  Other times we invert our process and put the hem in while the panel is hanging and the heading is complete to ensure we have a square end result.

5)  We use clear nylon thread for all blind hemming which ensure a strong hold and longevity over time with the everyday use of the panels leading edge and bottom hem in opening and closing.  All other threads are colour matched so that they appear invisible to the average eye when used on pleats and any other form of stitching that is exposed.

6)  We also communicate with our clients when we run into issues with fabric or pattern mid-production so that we are clear about the expectation or limitation before we go any further.  It is these finer details that have allowed to us to grow and create strong relationships and repeat business.

I’ll be the first to say that errors do occur.  In custom, sometimes in order to get it right you have to make alterations along the way and sometimes the communication does break down.  We do our best to ensure that if there is a hiccup along the way that it is dealt with in the fastest and most convenient way for our clients.  Our testimonial section shows that we are meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clientele.  It is our mission to generate “Quality custom window coverings from start to finish!” we are committed to the back and forth communication that this requires and also to taking constructive criticism to heart.  If you have any feedback to share please don’t hesitate to email me at